e s t u a r y _o f_ t i m e

Water rests during its journey of altering the surface and form of our world. In this estuary, it reflects not only light, but also the time it has absorbed during its eons of travel in its varied forms. As one of the major media infinity uses to shape existence, its liquid power waits for its reincarnation as another force. This gallery's collection are these images of residue moving water has left behind. They are records of the waters that have flown through this machine. Symbolically, this folly's form is the manifestation of the tree of life as remembered in the kabbalah. The datum also forms a sacred egg. The aesthetic of interpretation and organization in the face of chaos is apparent. The structure (and metaphor) creates a bridge between force and form. Consciousness is the filter. The tree of life's metaphor transcends religious beliefs. It is a profound model for interpreting both natural and man made creative processes.

-more images of the folly

-tree of life in the form of contemporary creation energy diagram

-collection of photographs

-interactive vrml of folly

-physical stereo-litho model of folly

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