Tracing Shadows

The tracker Tracing Shadows

The Tracker is not anxious but is aware, not suspect but attentive, is silent yet present. Simultaneously, the tracker carries the acknowledgement - maybe blasé - of a regard for the inevitability of consciousness, of the impotence of control, and of the curiosity toward an objective... It begs the presence of the super real extra-durational instant and broaches the internal dispute between one's appreciation of wonder and the enduring threat of its potential homicide.”
-Martin Gantman

We naturally leave relevant traces behind, like breadcrumbs spread during our journey to help find our way back. Through the vagaries of memory, most of these grains are blown away, only to be picked up by our protagonist to fuel its tools. The Tracker is the metaphysical hero that allows us to forget where we were in order to move forward. It reveals the lies that enable us to imagine the truth. The Tracker is the anthropologist who indifferently portrays the present. Politicians have tried to buy it off.
After loading its chakpur with this year’s collection of debris, the Tracker begins to trace the ever changing projections being filtered through a veil of decay. These shadows, or highlights, follow the motions of light and time. Their traces, therefore, are never a static outline of a frozen moment. They are the dynamic marks that hide infinite universes in order to go forward in one.

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