A Tracker’s mark is not the only device that creates through obscuring. Today we’ve landed in one of the infinite possible worlds by limiting the scope of our vision. At the start of this new decade, we focus on a common constraining device whose powers are maintained by appropriating what we cannot see. Through framing, the Perspectator controls the arena our visions and thoughts can play in. By harnessing the relativity of perspective, it can expose the equivalence of magnification and miniaturization. By revealing representation’s ability to fix a reality from the multi-verse, it becomes a viewfinder for comprehension, a gun-site for hunting, and a transit for surveying. Visually, a crop focuses what to shoot for, look at and look for. Socially, all structured groups like religions, corporations and political parties do the same. Mentally, a simple statement is often enough to filter what we see. For the past decade, our temporal collection has framed the conceptual real estate in a square aspect ratio. This year’s straight shots have placed favor on the horizon because, like the frame itself, it tempts us to wonder about whatever is beyond it.
Folly Rear View