Rabbits Video
Albert Vass 2003

About 6 min. total
Throughout we see Apja talking; in window, as projection, etc.
Rem: tracked part of interior (towards end)

Intro: 1min
Parrish type idealized version of “villa life” with Apja talking in window

Dev: 2min
Life/set is picturesque
Animate as presence of villa and landscape, water etc.
Things start to get darker and shadows grow, etc.
Specifically the communist symbol
Russian planes on the horizon, getting closer
Bombing of the villa
We see the ruin

Twist: 2min
Within the ruin a seed starts to grow
A studio and nightclub arise inside the fallen ruin
Design as modern etc.

Conclusion: 1min
We see the studio and nightclub in action as the music starts its finish

3d work:
villa (palladian-use finished)
landscape and water etc
Russian ww2 fighter plane
Communist “hammer and sickle” thing
Explosions and explode the villa and “ruin” it
Design studio and club within ruin

Reference points used for interior sequence.