An Abstract on Scale

The ability to work in all scales simultaneously is one of the biggest pleasures in the digital 3d world. This virtualization is closely linked to my 2d artistic explorations. The painting is a scale-less mental landscape. The photographs are image instances of macro to microscopic realities. Most are of human scale experiences that can often be interpreted in any of the previous scales.

This leads us to the discussion of abstraction. Abstraction in this setting is not for its own sake. It is does not stop at the level of expressing personal force and emotion. This is, however, the starting points in my painting. It is “abstract” not to free the 2D plane from its “window” function as early modernists strived for, but to actually regain it. This time the window is deeper. It becomes a mirror, microscope, telescope, x-ray, and ideally other metaphysical visual enhancers (metascope). These new lenses can work off of our collective (historical) and personal memories to relay visual emotions that connote the 4th dimension. This is the true nature of art. From within its poetic world, it is the front line of perceptual innovation. Conscious only of itself, it references infinity.

A part of a Korean Fish Snack from a scanner A part of a parking lot fom the hip A part of Nevada from an airplane window